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H.K Salt Grinding is a registered company and working since 1999. Our success lies in our high quality but competitively priced commodities. We export all kinds of common Salt (NaCl), Black Salt, Industrial Refine Salt, White Rock Salt Powder, Soji Dana Mongra Salt, Beautiful Salt Lamps, Raw or Coarse Salt & Gypsum. Our aim is to give you the best product at a reasonable price and we strive hard to achieve this goal.

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Black Salt / Kala Nimak

Black salt has amazing health benefits and medicinal uses and it is popularly called Kala Namak in Pakistan & India. It is a type of natural rock salt that is full of minerals and natural goodness. It gets it's deep dark color because of the minerals and iron found in it and when grind it looks pink in color. In Pakistan & India it is very popular for it's use in making chaat items.

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Salt Lamps & Tiles

Rock salt lamps and tiles have been scientifically proven to increase the negative ion count in the air around you, helping you feel tranquil and relaxed. They are excellent tools for meditation. Try them in the bedroom, living room, dining room or hallway. Consider placing one near your computer or television. They even help improve the air around smokers.

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Pink Rock Salt

Himalayan rock salt is also known as pink rock salt because of its distinctive pale pink color. Mined in Pakistan, Himalayan rock salt is a naturally occurring salt rich in a number of minerals. Himalayan salt can be harvested as large blocks, such as for cooking slabs or making rock salt lamps, or it can be crushed into medium and small pieces.

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